Anastasia Learns to Fetch

Week 3 ( September 13- 19, 2009)

Goal: This week I will teach Anastasia how to play fetch using part of a straw as the object. She will have to bring it back to me once she retrieves it. Here is a picture of the straw and clicker being used in this trick.

Anastasia's Straw and Clicker

This trick was working very well on the first day. She would approach the straw and put it in her mouth instantly. Once she put it in her mouth, I would click and she would bring the straw to the corner where she normally comes to get food during clicker training. On the third day of  Anastasia learning her trick (fetch), she is able to complete it successfully; however, the only problem is when she returns the straw to me, she sometimes does not let go of it and I have to pull it out of her mouth or paws. This problem can be fixed if I give her a big enough pellet when she brings the straw to me because it keeps her occupied. Therefore, she cannot grab the straw with her paws when she is done eating because she is using her paws to hold the food to eat it which takes awhile to consume.

Here is a clip in the early stage of Anastasia learning fetch.

This clip was taken when Anastasia had done many trials already that day and was on a roll…


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